365 days later

**Trigger warning** 


Tomorrow will be exactly a year from when I tried to hospitalise myself with an overdose.  I was going to write something about how things are better and how difficult some parts of the year have been, blablabla, but then I thought, for once in my blogging life, I won’t talk about myself. I’ll talk about other people instead. My friends and family to be exact. Thinking about this time last year has made me realise how much support and help I’ve had from them. I would love to round them all up in a room, give a lovely little speech, cry a little (a lot) and make them realise how fantastic they’ve been. But that does seem a little over the top. Instead, here’s a paragraph! A whole one! Dedicated to how awesome they are.

   Basically, you’re all fucking fantastic. Without the support from you all over the last year, I have no idea what state I would be in right now. Between all of you, you’ve got it covered. You’ve listened to what I’ve had to say, you’ve provided hugs when they’re needed, you’ve calmed me down when things start getting a little hectic, you’ve cheered me up when things start getting dark and I know that if I get into a bad state again, I’ll have people I can call. Best of all, I feel comfortable with you all knowing what’s going on in my head. It’s good to know that however crazy something may sound, there’s no need to hide it. I can put it all out there and that’s so important! I honestly can’t tell you how grateful I am without getting too soppy and weird, so let’s end it there. Here’s to you guys. Thank you 🙂